Possessive girl?

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  1. Nikki82

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Meenie, my girl that just started laying, has become possessive of the nest box. I only have one nesting box in the pen, and other nesting sites around where they free range. I've been keeping them in the pen until Meenie lays for the past few days since Meenie originally rejected the spots that I picked. When she first started laying in the pen, Eenie would go into the box beside Meenie and lay down until the egg was laid, then they would leave the box together. Also, at first Meenie had no troubles with me reaching under her to see if she'd laid or not. But for the past couple days she's been growling at anyone that comes near the box when she's in it... I don't think she's broody; she doesn't stay in the box after she's laid. The other three girls I have aren't laying yet, but one, Eenie, at least should start soon, as she's started squatting. How will this behaviour effect the others?
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    Aug 20, 2010
    Probably nothing to worry about. They do tend to fuss over the same nest box. She's just telling you "MOM! I'm try to LAY here!" hehe

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