Possibility for Disease? (Pigeon with chickens?)

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    Mar 30, 2011
    I may have found a good home for a rooster of mine. A man called who has a 9 X 16 coop and 6 hens. He wants my rooster. He sounds like a caring type. Said he'd taken a chicken of his to the doctor and for $97.00 had gotten some medicine that cured the chicken. This was a while back.

    But what concerns me is that he had a wild red pigeon show up at his place, the kind you see under bridges, he said. He's a Spanish speaker who also knows a bit of English. He built a little home in his chicken coop for the pigeon and she lives there with his chickens. Do you think this could cause his chickens to get ill, having a pigeon in there with him?

    He said I could come over and see his set-up. I think he is legitimate and not planning to eat my boy.

    But the pigeon makes me a bit nervous. What do you all think?

    He said he had 50 chickens a year ago, not realizing he was in an area that allows only 8. I couldn't quite understand what he said in regards to how he got rid of the extra chickens when the inspector showed up.

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