Possible broody hen disappeared - now what?

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    Aug 4, 2013
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    We are new to chickens as of about 16 months ago. We currently have 16 chickens of various breeds and ages, eleven of which we got this April as chicks. They free range during the day.

    Eleven days ago one of our 15 month old hens disappeared. We thought for sure she was a goner. Then this morning, she shows up like nothing ever happened. She actually looked quite good and the kids and I were excited to see her. She walked into the coop, started eating right away, but never really joined the rest of the flock. However, she quickly disappeared again. Who knows how long she will be gone this time.

    We are starting to think that maybe she has gone broody and has a clutch somewhere outside the coop. Problem is, all of our roosters are too young to be fertile from what I have read. So, if she is broody, she is sitting on unfertilized eggs. How long will she sit and at what expense to her?

    Looking for advice on what to do if she ever comes back. Do we wait and try to follow her back to her clutch? We have looked and looked with no luck. Do we lock her in the coop for a week and hope her bloodiness passes? I hoped we would have a broody hen, but was hoping they would lay their clutch inside the coop and wait until our roosters are fertile.

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    Jul 4, 2013
    she will sit until she gets chicks i would buy her some babys or fertile eggs.

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