Possible cocci - (icky poopoo pics) Please advise!!

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    So I was cuddlin' my little RIR chick from Nancy Garry when the little troublemaker pooped on me. At first I was like, 'oh ewww gotta clean that up' when I noticed it was bloody. Immediate freakout and I start looking in all the chicks cages and inspecting.

    What I found:

    More bloody poo in the pine shavings in both brooders.
    One of my buff orps is sneezing and sounds really congested. Kind of honking instead of cheeping.
    My EE looking a little sleepy.
    Other than that everyone seems to be doing really well, eating and drinking and throwing brooder parties.

    I called the 2 feed stores here and they both only have Sulmet, no corid. I am off to get it but need dosages.

    My larger pullets are in the coop, should I treat them as well? They are 12 weeks old. They do have some contact with the chicks because they use the same run so I might as well, right?


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    Bloody poos and lethargy are signs of coccidiosis. There is a video here about coccidiosis that is educational though somewhat difficult to watch. According to this informational pdf from the Maryland Cooperative Extension, the dosage of Sumlet (Sumlet 12.5% solution) for poultry is 112.5 mg/lb for day 1 and then 56.25 mg/lb per day for a total of 10 days. Check the label to see if it says something different, though.
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    Sulmet soluable powder dosage is 2 tablespoons to each gallon of water, medicate for 2 days, then reduce drug concentration to one-half (1 tablespoon) per gallon of water for 4 additional days. There is a 10 day withdrawal period for slaughter. Excessive dosage may cause toxic reactions. Dont try hatching eggs during medication and for short periods thereafter.
  4. Nimby Chickens

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    I dosed them with liquid sulmet 2 tbsp per 1 gallon in the water as the directions stated!

    Should I be cleaning the bedding everyday?
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    Quote:Was researching cleaners today, and yes, do clean daily. PineSol will kill most anything, but must stay on for awhile (other disinfectants should too) at least 10 minutes. Steam cleaning is good, and all disinfectants were more effective with scrubbing and hot water. Remove all bedding daily. Caused by an intestinal parasite, naturals controls include peppermint, wormwood (sweet Annie, artemisia annua), and garlic in the water (please see the articles)

    cleaning article


    Vet manual online


    Natural remedies article


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