possible mallard ducklings in winter?

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  1. So my two hens have decided winter was the best time or a first clutch. Neither nest is in the pen. The 1st has been sitting on 14 eggs for about 3 weeks while the other seems to be just about ready to start sitting. My problem is with the 1st. She seems to have lost interest and is sitting less and less. Its close to freezing at night and I'm worried. any thoughts would help.
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    About the only way to know if you have live ducklings is to candle the eggs. you can take 3-4 eggs inside mark them so when you take them back out you don't pick up the same eggs again to candle. I use a washable marker. Then take those back and get 3-4 more till you've candled them all, They should be about to hatch if she has been sitting for about 3 weeks since it takes 28 days. I'd not let them sit outside that really makes them sitting ducks,
  3. Thanks I was really trying to avoid having to disturb her nest but it looks like it might be my only option
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    If she's off just take a basket or container line with a small towel and take some eggs gently, honestly as long as your careful you won't harm the ducklings. And at least you'll know I candle up till they internally pip then I leave them alone.
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  5. [​IMG][/IMG]just candled these two no clue what I'm looking for although one does look significantly more developed.
  6. OK so I just candled the entire 1st clutch. Aside from all of them being ice cold none are even close to being at the developed stage they should be:( put them back out with hopes but am doubtful at this point. Thanks for the advice.
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    I don't think there's much hope for those. might be why your seeing her loser interest. so sorry, but I'm going to ask casportpony to have a look to second opinion.
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    Does this help?


  9. Lol ya I found that same chart. Pretty certain nothing will come of the 1st clutch. And its only getting colder so who knows about the 2nd one. Thanks again.
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    Well there is always next spring, so much better for ducklings to hatch when temps are warmer. Stick around though and post some pics of your ducks..

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