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    Hi to all, my 4 month old Vantress X died this evening of what may of been a possible prolapse. I am putting some pics of what she looked liked this morning. She was originally going to be dinner, but my son fell in love with her & he named her Big Phatty. I am posting some pics, because I need to know what she had. Like I said she was a 4 month old meat bird & I thought that she would not be laying eggs for another couple of months. Although she is gone I would like to educate myself so if this happens again to any of my other chicks then I will be prepared.
    Thank You

    Beak is pale & her comb is loosing color also

    Phatty just standing there not moving & puffy

    #3, 4, 5, 6, & 7
    this is the mass that was coming out of her back side. she was trying to poop & she was loosing blood





    What I am really concerned about is she never showed any symptoms except yesterday she was extremely vocal, but she was fine. She was eating and drinking like normal & her back area was just fine. No swelling, no hanging out by herself etc. So what ever this is what should I keep my eye out for???

    Thank You for your time & suggestions
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    I would say prolapse. You might try soaking her in a warm bath and maybe start antibiotics. Do you have a vet that will care for chickens?

    Hopefully someone will come along and help you out.
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    Never had it here before! But hope this helps!!

    ..............................It's called "prolapsed vent", "prolapse" or "blowout". It happens when a hen lays an egg a bit bigger than normal and her vent (cloaca) turns partially inside out. Separate her from the others. They will be tempted to peck at the prolapse and kill her. Clean it as best you can with water and a clean paper towel. Then gently push back in anything that has come out and apply a bit of Preparation H to the inflamed area. It's kinda like a hemorrhoid.

    You might also give her soluble antibiotics in her drinking water for about 4-5 days to guard against infection.

    The following is from "The Chicken Health Handbook" by Gail Damerow

    "Prolapsed Oviduct, also called "blowout" or "pickout" is a condition in which the lower part of the hen's oviduct turns inside out and protrudes through the vent. Prolapse occurs most often when a hen starts laying at too young an age, is too fat, or lays unusually large eggs. Caught in time, the prolapse can sometimes be reversed by applying a hemorrhoidal cream (such as Preparation H) and isolating the hen until she approves. Otherwise, the other chickens will pick at her vent, eventually pulling out her oviduct and intestines and causing the hen to die from hemorrhage and shock. Not all vent picking is due to prolapse, but instead may result from faulty management - feeders, waterers and roosts may be positioned in such a way that birds below can pick on the vents of birds above.
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