Possible splashed paint silkie. looking for opinions on the genetics

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    Hi there! I have been breeding silkies for a while now, but this is a new one on me. I have 3 silkie pens. black/paint, splash/blue, and white. About 8 weeks ago I set some eggs from the splash/blue pen. 4 chicks hatched. 2 blue and 2 "splash". One fore sure is splash, the other looks more paint..or both paint and splash together. Its odd thats for sure. Now I know what you are thinking..."well maybe you accidentally added a paint egg"...well I thought that too BUT at the time, all of my paint eggs were infertile. I ended up having to do some intense booty trimming on those. Plus I am pretty cautious about marking my eggs. So while sending pictures back and forth with a friend of mine, which I also got my blue hens from, we decided that maybe my blue hens actually came from her paint rooster over a blue hen and not her black rooster over a blue hen like she thought. If this is the case and my blue hens are split to paint would it be possibly that this chick got a dose of paint from the hens and a dose of splash from the rooster? creating a splashed paint?

    To me, a splash has a blueish grey over cast while a paint obviously is more clear white. This chick has places of both. and the spots are clearly black, not blue like splash markings.

    On the right in the group pics





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    Splash is two copies of hte blue gene. Each parent must contribute a copy. Yes, you can have a blue or splash paint, but the bird still needs the appropriate copies of the blue gene as well as dominant white.

    Splash varies considerably in expression, with the background colour varying from a darker slate to nearly white. The splashings can also vary in depth of colour. I suspect you have 2 splash, not a splash paint.

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