Possible Wry Neck in 4wk old Polish.


Mar 5, 2017
Howdy. This morning I went to check on my my flock and I noticed one of my Polish chicks neck is turned almost all the way around, with the bottom of her beak facing upwards. Her head is resting on the ground while she was standing. I have 2 other Polish, an Amaurcana and a Barred Rock, all fine and well. I have been searching all over the forums and reading everone's posts and advice. The two things I feel is different is this little chick refuses to keep her eyes open/stay awake for any duration of time and she is constantly shaking her head back and forth. All of the chicks have vitamins added to their water (called Chick Boost Probiotics) and are on chick starter.

For the sick chick, I made a soup of her usual food and vitamin water as well as added a crushed 200 mcg tablet of Selenium. I've been guiding her neck as straight as allowed and I dip her beak in the mixture. She will swallow it eat/drink in between her "falling asleep" moments. I have done this small feedings twice now, both times are from the one "soup mix". I dont want to over feed her and the "falling asleep" has me extremely concerned. She is also separated from the rest of the flock but she can still hear them and chirps back every now and then.

Looking for some advice on what to do. I am trying to be patient but I lost my last flock in November due to dogs so I am very protective of my new flock. Any and all advice is welcome and needed.


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Aug 31, 2017
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Okay So I'm studying about veterinary diseases and medicine its my 1st year

So Wry neck is vitamin deficiency and mild will be treatable ..with the Vitamin E & Selenium Supplements and Supportive care ..

But There are few more u can doubt if with wry neck and that's "Newcastle " as its viral and number 1 disease in worldwide poultry and avian species so look out for symptoms like respiratory distress (cold like symptoms)/

Give your bird some 0.5% ratio turmeric powder mix in oats or boiled rice ..turmeric is known for antibacterial antifungal antiinflammatory and works great with Newcastle ..some dietry garlic in feed will give a strong immune system ..

With vitamins I suggest to give vitamin drops directly not diluted in water ..if u r giving vet vitamins

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