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    Oct 12, 2016
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    I have one rooster Ralphie, and 3 hens. Ralphie is fine when he is in the coop. My 15 month old daughter will open the door walk right in and pet everyone. I was putting a handle on the coop door the other day and they came out with me (for the first time out of the coop) my daughter was out with me too and no one bothered her. I let them out after work the other day and my husband and daughter were out (my husband is never out with them) he walked over to my husband I watched him he was giving him a look I told my husband I don't think he likes you. Then while I was making dinner yesterday I told my husband to take our daughter out to see the chickens (she loves them) so I watched all the chickens were still in the coop he came out of the coop right towards them not running just walking giving that same look then walked over to my daughter who was standing next to my husband (not a farm guy) by this time I was outside and I told him to watch the rooster he fluffed up and kind hit her with his wing. I don't understand how he is completely fine and easy to hold. I can walk right up to him while he is free range and pick him up without a fuss. I'm wondering if its my husband he doesn't like and was taking it out on my daughter. she Is always out with me when I'm with them and he is fine!

    Any suggestions?


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    The predominate reply you will receive for what do with an aggressive rooster is to get rid of him via re-homing or the crockpot. Sounds harsh but life is too short to tolerate a mean roo when there are plenty of nice ones ready for a home.
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    It's not an issue of liking - its about dominance. Your roo believes that he is dominant over your husband and your daughter (understandably).

    My suggestion? - either get rid of that rooster immediately or keep him in a coop and run of his own. The damage that a rooster can do to a young child is terrible - just google it. As redsox suggests, it's unlikely the suggestions you receive will differ.
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    I have also read that since your daughter is small and closer to the birds size the rooster will perceive them as a threat like predator and attack them.

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