Possibly broody OEGB?

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    Mar 10, 2011
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    Today while in the coop cleaning the nest boxes, I kept hearing rustling coming from up in the loft. I grabbed the ladder and climbed up there, only to find my little 24 week old OEGB pullet trying to nest in a bedding bag. (I have no idea how long she was actually up there for, probably hours.) I sat next to her for a little bit, then she came up to me and sat in my lap for a little while. After a few seconds, she jumped down from the loft and played in the run for about 20 minutes. Being curious, I picked her up and felt around. I felt a little hard spot on her side, but I am unsure if it is an egg. The bones under her vent are about 2 fingers wide, so she is definately on the brink of laying. What made me wonder if she was broody, was when I picked her u and placed her in the bedding bag, she immideately started nesting and picking around. She kept biting my pants, and had a strange trance-like look in her eyes. However, she was not clucking or acting angry, just picking at my fingers and pants.

    So, is it possible for her to be broody? Or is she just about to lay?
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    It could possibly be the first sign of broodines, in a few days is when she will be really broody, although I've never had a broody without eggs, well Good luck if she is [​IMG]

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