Possibly FS-Narragansett Turkey Hatching Eggs-Pa


11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
South Western PA
Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to see if anyone would we interested in Narragansett Turkey Hatching Eggs

No, we do not yet, they just started to lay. We weren't going to sell eggs from them, but I just thought I would see if there was an interest...

Sorry...I can get pictures.
If you are considering selling, you need to either send out some test eggs to test for viability and fertility. Most people send out Test Eggs for cost of shipping only. You also want to have a few pics of your birds. If you have an incubator, you may want to test one or two yourself to make sure they are fertile.
Personally, I hatch a few of every breed I have that I am going to sell eggs from, I have also sent some test eggs out and had the testers report back to me fir viability, fetility and hatch rate.
I think you could help fund the feed bill some by selling a few eggs.

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