possibly injured rhode island red

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    Apr 7, 2016
    i found my 6 week old RIR very lethargic in the brooder today. her feathers are all sorts of crusty by her neck and shes really dragging one wing, i cleaned her up and couldn't find any injuries, but now im not sure. they've been getting the saveachick electrolytes and probiotics in their water. they get grit, and are fed medicated flock raiser. shes about 80% feathered. i cleaned her up, and her crop is very full and hard, i dont think shes going to make it, but i thought id check to see if there might be anything i havent tried. we do have 3 cornish cross meat birds that we had to separate from the rest yesterday, because they are getting aggressive with the other chickens.

    thanks in advance, aqnd sorry about any typos, i have a 5 week old khaki campbell duck in my lap demanding attention.

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