Possibly moving away for a year...chickens?

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I have five spoiled hens, two retired red stars, two non-laying pullets, and one non laying white lehgorn pullet. So...we might be moving out of country for a year for free. Our family has a 2/5 chance of being picked. I can't give more information as we're not really supposed to make it public. But I'm so worried- my chickens!!!

    We can't take them. Where we would stay doesn't allow pets. I know it's kinda early, we don't even know if we'll get it, but there's a pretty good chance. Last time we were gone for a few weeks, our chickens stayed at our freinds house, who is our neighbor. She has four chickens currently, one of whom is one of mine's sisters, and is great with them. I don't even know if she would take them for a year...and, well, she works for a catering company, and they have an easter party each year, where they get chicks for their grandchildren to look at, and then don't care what happens to them. So she's taking them all home this year. Yikes. That would be ALOT of chickens. I doubt she would say yes. I do not not NOT want to just sell them. Besides, who would take two retired hens without turning them into soup? . Our other freind wanted to get chickens. That family is really into the- sustaining yourself thing. She almost never buys something from the grocery store! It's cool. And she wanted to get chickens...but she didn't because they attracted flies. She's not an animal person, and has a big dream to go and move to a farm in the country and live by herself out there, but you really can't do that if you don't like animals. Her older daughter is terrified of animals. But her three year old, who adores me, loves the chickens. She loves chasing them, and catching them, and hugging them. She's very into them. She's always trying to reassure her older sister by saying 'see? See, they won't hurt you. They're soft, and cuddly!'. It's really cute. And we might be able to convince them to take them, but I'm kinda worried.
    The last option is that somebody might come rent our house. We actually have some leads with a freind of a freind, who sounds nice and works at an animal shelter, and if they rented here...well, they might take care of our chickens.
    What's the best option to pursue? Should I not be worrying this early? We find out and march and if we get it leave in august. Are there any other options we could do?
    Thanks :(
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    I think that you have plenty of time to wait untill March to know for sure. If your family does get picked you will still have 5 months to make a final decision. In the mean time approach your neighbor on her thoughts about the situation. With out even mentioning her as an option she might even suggest herself as your answer to the problem. [​IMG]
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