Possilby a 2nd Broody Hen........have a few questions.....countyline hatchery?

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    Jun 6, 2011
    I have a hen that I think is getting ready to be broody. She is doing all the same things my 1st broody did (she was so easy). She is in a nest that is off the floor about 18". She is sitting on fake eggs now but before I put real eggs I want to make sure. With my 1st one her nest was in the "floater nest" which was on the ground. We put it in a large dog crate with the door open so she could come and go as needed and we left her in the coop. Very easy, the flock is great with the chicks as well........ Any way, I bought another dog crate for the 2nd broody hen and put the floater nest in it but she is insistent with nest she picked..... Do you think she will be ok if I leave here there when I give her the real eggs.....My other question is I would like to get different breeds and was wondering if anyone had experience with countyline hatchery....I am looking to get the eggs so my hen can hatch them...... Any and all advice or input is welcomed........Thank you very much......


    edited: or should I continue hatching my own?....... Or is there anyone one on here that is in FL Ocala area that you could recommend?...........
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