Possum in my yard! Chainlink & subdivision not a deterrent.

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by teddiliza, Jul 4, 2011.

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    I had a big huge possum in my backyard, who must have managed to squeeze thru the chainlink gate where the soil is eroding. I'd let my bantam teenagers out to play and was at the sink getting a drink of water when I see this huge possum in the middle of my yard, staring at my juvenile d'uccles who are standing there like idiots trying to decide if it's a bunny rabbit or something to be feared. So of course, I take off down the deck yelling and chuck a board at it, then it runs toward the fence, but is too big/stupid to crawl under it, so I managed to grab a small metal dog crate which I use for my pet bantam rooster to play in sometimes safely, I throw the cage at it which stuns it. Then I grab the same cage while it is stunned and pin it to the ground, and yell for my husband to grab the gun. He shoots the thing about 4 times (practice ammo) before it finally stops moving. I swear the predators are getting BOLD! I was really worried because my kids could have been playing in the yard and the thing had no fear. Now my kids believe me when I tell them I have reasons for not letting them play in the yard unsupervised, even with the fence. I take the predator issue for granted sometimes living in a subdivision. This thing weighed at least 10lbs. I also learned all about why you don't just toss it in the dumpster in a trash bag, when trash pick up is more than 3 days away. YUCK!!! [​IMG] We are STILL bleach soaking our trash can! Now I worry about coons. Those things are bold! I remember house sitting for my dad who lives in the country and hearing a racket in the sun room where the bird seed is kept-- and the little chihuahua was barking and growling. I opened the door and the chihuahua managed to scare off the big coon that had tore the storm window screen and climbed in to eat the bird seed out of the bag. Since then I think my dad has caught about 5 coons just as big in the live trap. I also learned this week that a fox got a rooster I'd sold earlier this year in broad daylight. At least he was protecting his girls, he was a good boy even if a little feisty. Is this the end of 'free range' without electric fences?
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    Possums are right at home in a subdivision. I see them dead off the downtown highway here all the time. - trash, and pet food is a HUGE attractor to them and why they hang around.

    many aren't very afraid of people as in populated areas they commonly sleep under houses and porches! [​IMG] we had one when i was kid my mom made into an impromtu pet. he was huge, always came in the shed and slept during the day and at food time would wake up and join the cats for lunch, then go back up in the corner and go back to sleep. Think he was deaf as no noise every scared him, but vibrations from the mower or something would.

    I'd invest in a couple live traps to put outside at night. if nothing else for your piece of mind.

    Possums and raccoons can be mean and nasty when confronted, they'll try to run, but sometimes just choose to stand ground. Becareful, around here we're having issues with rabies. - again why if I were you I'd stick out a live trap to go ahead and catch them and dispose of them as necissary.

    as for free ranging, I live way out in the sticks (surrounded by wood and pasture and a few close neighbors - i live on the end of a row of houses, then theres woods and pasture for company [​IMG] ) lots of deer, foxes, possum, and raccoons. My neighbor and me both set live traps for coons, he also hunts raccoons with his dogs so theres not alot in the nearby area anymore. Lots of possum and foxes though. My main issue is night predators so I just make sure the coops are fortknox at night. Mine freerange almost all day everyday and I have only lost ONE to a daytime predator - a hawk. Also lost 2 to stray dogs but those issues are taken care of - my neighbors know if there dogs come after my chickens there wont be no more dog for me to complain about [​IMG] .

    If I were you, just let them free range for a few hours in the evening when someone is home to keep an eye on them.

    Thank goodness this one didn't none of your babies. Good luck hun!
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    Set up a live trap with some veggies, fruit, and chicken feed (you'll catch less cats that way) Be sure the wire is small enought to prevent reaching thru for the bait, and stake it down solid to stop them from flipping it over. Where there is one, there are more!

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