Post-Bumblefoot surgery- Duck not looking pretty

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    Amazing what one will do for love... I was told either to complete bumblefoot surgery or say goodbye to my duck. I think the surgery went well. Fever went down, she's eating again, but egg production has stopped completely and she looks really ragged. She's a Cayuga duck and her feathers have lost all gloss and are now a dark brown. I thought maybe it might be due to the stress of the surgery?

    I picked her up for a closer look today and do see that she is regrowing feathers, but also has some bare/bloody spots. It appears she is molting but I don't remember her ever looking this rough. When I thought it was just stress, I added ACV and vitamix to her water but we have since modified her feed to up protein and adding a few cat kibbles to her diet too.
    The swelling in her foot is barely there and she has a scab that looks like it will come off when she's completely healed. I'm actually rather impressed how her foot is healing, but she just looks thin and sick now.
    The rest of the flock are so shiny and gorgeous, we are thinking of taking them to the fair in a few weeks!! Anyway, any ideas if this is normal and what I can do to make things easier on her, improve her shape faster? Thanks!

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