Post delivery care for does (goats)

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  1. Kadjain

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    What do I need to know about post delivery care for my does?

    Any suggestions appreciated!
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    Oct 8, 2011
    White Church Missouri
    Just make sure she cleaned all the afterbirth out. She will have a nasty bum for a long while. At least 3 to 4 weeks. That is normal. Just keep her clean. If she starts to have a foul "rotten" smell then she has not cleaned and will need some help. If she has cleaned and is still pushing she may need some pain meds. Make sure she has good grain and plenty of hay so she can produce enough milk for the baby (ies). Warm dry place but if you have a heat lamp in the stall make sure to fix it where the doe CAN NOT get under it cause she will lay on the babies tring to get in under the lamp. I lost a baby from my Trips because the doe wanted under the lamp. Make a cattle panel corner with the light. The babies should be able to go through the panel back and forth. Lots of straw or hay to lay in. I use hay cause went I feed the hay the babies lay in it anyway. Have fun with the new babies!!!

  3. Kadjain

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    Coolness, sounds easy enough.


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