Post-Flystrike....Could Chicken's Vent "Heal" Closed?

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    So two weeks ago yesterday, our poor 6 year old Buff Orpington Nugget was inches away from death due to flystrike. Thanks to this post, , for saving the day. We've nursed her back to health, however I am concerned about her vent. The maggots had eaten a very large portion (2.5" or greater diameter) of her rear end so I cannot tell where her vent actually is. When she poops, it does not look right (it audibly sprays downward as if it's coming out of somewhere it's not supposed to), and now everything back there is beginning to scab up and grow skin again (Thankfully!). However, I am concerned (if it is at all possible) for the vent to end up growing closed in the healing process due to excess scabbing of the entire area. Obviously if this is the case she will not be able to poop and she will certainly become Egg Bound once/if her body begins to produce eggs again. I'm unaware of any rural or livestock vets around here being we're in the city, but if necessary, we could always drive out a ways to take her to an expert. If anyone can shed some light on this, that would be awesome and relieve (or justify) our worries.


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    I'm not sure that would happen, but I would probably soak her bottom as often as possible to promote healing an lessen infection. I would think that is it started to heal over that just having stools or laying eggs would force it to stay open. It's great that you were able to nurse her back to health.

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