post impacted crop surgery meds?

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    Hi peeps!

    So my dear little Zoe chicken got an impacted crop. I brought her to the vet just to find out how much it would cost for surgery- well, $300+ was way beyond my budget...and after a lot of research on this site and others I talked my husband into helping me do the surgery ourselves. So we did it yesterday evening. Besides me needing a stiff drink afterward, the surgery went off without a hitch (although I was totally grossed out when little Zoe poked her head out from under the towel when I was pulling the huge ball of crap out of her crop and started pecking at it- stupid bird [​IMG] )

    Today she's got the color back in her comb and face and is very anxious to eat something. She has electrolytes in her water, but doesn't seem to be drinking much.

    Anyway, I thought of everything EXCEPT post surgical antibiotics!! Yikes! And now (day after surgery) it's Sunday and I can't find any vet open...However I do have some medicated starter feed- will this help keep down infection until I can get something tomorrow...or will it not target the bacteria I need it to target? I figure it can't hurt and I soaked the crumbles in milk and yogurt.

    Anyone have any knowledge or experience here? Or just general advice. I just want my baby to live and recover.
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    I'm no expert, and not real sure... but I'm gonna go ahead and suggest to give her some ACV. That seems to help with everything. Maybe a little in some apple sauce or plain yogurt, and/or in her water. Glad everything went well with the surgery! [​IMG] Good luck! Oh, and from what I've read I don't know about giving her "hard food" or a lot of food right away.
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