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Mar 14, 2009
So I've been waiting on a check since the past monday. It was waaaaaaaaaaay delayed. Well I got word that it should be at the post office for sure by saturday. So I call the post office saturday morning early so I can see about picking up my mail. Since the guberment downsizing they have less drivers... which means I get my mail about 4:30 on saturday... 4 hours after the bank closes...... So they told me to call back around 9:30 after they had the sort done, and put a note out that I wanted to pick it up. I called at the appointed time, they asked me what person did the check come from...... I told them, and told them the color through the little plastic window... Nope not here.. Well rats, might as well deliver the mail then and I'll call lansing to find out what the delay is.

So I called.... No delay, it was sent out and was there saturday..... So today I am waiting for the mail to come.. it never came!!!!! Not only did my route carrier lie to me, she didn't deliver today.. so at 4:30 I called the post back. No mail in my box inside so maybe they didn't have any???????? Nope! It was sitting on the counter with a note that says not to deliver to my house or let me PICK UP my mail until further notice. I asked the problem. My mailbox.

First things first. I very politely told them that with holding my mail if I came in to pick it up is ILLEGAL... secondly last year the mail lady asked me to extend my box out 6" because of how they graded the road. No problem did it.

Couple months later, get a note asking me to put a board on it and extend it out further.... so I add another foot.

Two weeks ago they ask me to extend it out further or put it in a 5 gal bucket of sand till I can sink a new post... I can't put a bucket out because my road looks like this / \\ on either side... so to do that my mailbox would have to literally be IN THE ROAD. Oh yeah, it's michigan, the ground is frozen. No way to sink a post.... and all I can think of is John Heder smacking his head (napoleon dynamite) and going IDIOT. So I extend it out... 3 feet now. It is literally out in the road. It's been hit by passing cars, the plow truck etc.... The only way I am going to get my post out in the spring is with dynamite anyways... so I extended it....

Apparently its now on an upwards slope and is unacceptable. I am sick of small town public servants thinking they can break the law at will... not to mention making me late in getting my house payment out because by the time I picked up the check, the bank was closing.

I have the note that says to deny me my mail period. Thinking of dropping it off with an attorney giving him a few hundred bucks to make life hell for this postal carrier and hopefully loose her job. I have been nothing but nice when she took the route two years ago and started making demands. This week my patience broke. I want her fired period.

Any suggestions or see any other ways around this? Because at this point I have no clue what else to do.

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do you live out in the country, if so in a township, the township I live in has an ordinance about where the mailbox can go its not up to the carrier, also I'd call the supervisor (I'm having a brain freeze on the name) and complain


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You need to put your mailbox on one of those extension arms (like what usually has a punching glove on it). Then when she drives by you can "extend" it out all the way through her mail truck. That should be far enough.

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They can't deny you your mail! If you go to pick it up they have to give it to you. What if you were a little old lady waiting for her social security check? What if you're waiting for asthma medication? Your paycheck? They have no right to deny you your livelihood- and that's what they're doing. Sorry- that is so wrong!

You need to put your mailbox on one of those extension arms (like what usually has a punching glove on it). Then when she drives by you can "extend" it out all the way through her mail truck. That should be far enough.

Ha haaa- I can just picture it


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Mar 14, 2009
Ha haaa- I can just picture it

And it was my paycheck. If they are going to be such jerks I'm a thinking I'm going to go to the neighbors (whos on city council) and find out local ordinances, then possibly the police department and lawyers. The nerve of this lady... and this is a 3 person post office... 2 drivers 1 in house person. ACK


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Dec 19, 2009
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Just go over their heads and call the Postmaster and try to sort it out. If not, then go to the State Postmaster and try again. SOMEBODY WOULD BE HANDING OVER MY MAIL like as in YESTERDAY. My pastor is a Postmaster, I'll ask him tomorrow how to go about it. I had an issue with our Post Office AND the stinkin postmaster here, and he handled it for me. Turns out our postmaster had signed for MY PACKAGE illegally and had it at his house
Unfortunately it's not as uncommon as you might think.


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May 19, 2008
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Boyd..they can not deny you your mail if you pick it up... those idiots!!!

But they can deny to deliver your mail... if they want to be picky about your mail box..etc...
Boyd, they HAVE to have a pamphlet or something that tells people what the USPO requires of our mail boxes... it will tell you exactly what kind of box is acceptable, how far from the road it has to be etc... etc...
call the post master and demand to see their written ordinance on mail box requirments... there HAS to be one written somewhere..


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Dec 16, 2008
in this day and age probably the only thing that will get their attention is hiring a lawyer. So sorry Boyd I would have gone "postal " on her by now.


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Yup. You might be able to find it on-line.

They had absolutely no right to deny you your check when you went in to get it. That has absolutely nothing to do with your box. If we can't reach your (general) box or it's messed up, we WILL hold the mail at the P.O, but you (general) are welcome to come pick up.

I'm sorry you're getting such a hassle from them. :-( It's workers like that* which give us all bad names, unfortunately.

*Purely going on the information given at face value.

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