Post pic of Silkies in Blue/Lav Calico, Tortoise, Partridge, Porcelain

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    Dec 15, 2011
    Rainier, Oregon
    Please post your photos of chicks and matured birds in Calico, Tortoise, Partridge, and Porcelain -- my personal interest lies in these color types in a blue/lavender with buff tones color-scape (does that make any sense?)

    I'm overwhelmed, scattered and a bit confused and need a condensed visual.

    Partridge - I've gleaned that this requires penciling and a distinct color pattern to actually be considered Partridge -- what else is required?
    Calico - I've gleaned that this requires three distinct colors with NO pattern -- what else is required?

    Thanks in advance for indulging me.

    Kelliee Caron
    Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center,
    Petting Zoo & Mobile Teaching Zoo
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  2. TinyTotsSeramas

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    Jun 21, 2011
    Well here is what I believe is my Partridge girl (if anyone wants to conferm she is I'd appreciate it!)

    Her as a baby


    at 4 months old


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