Post pics of your Ponds, please. (natural or man-made)

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Bleenie, Jan 19, 2010.

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    We have a large pond towards the back of our property. It was nice & deep when we first moved in years ago but it's creek-fed so it's slowly been filled in with mucky-ness. We want to "rennovate" the pond and were just looking for ideas.

    I picked up a truck load of free calla lillies last year that will be planted on it & have some "spike grass" for it also.
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    How big is the pond? LxWxD+shape or gallons would be great if you have any idea.

    We have a 14,000 gallon koi pond. It has 2 waterfalls that come off a 3rd waterfall inlet with creeklets (only about 15-20 ft long). It uses a bead filter (like a sand filter for pools but uses biobeads instead of sand.

    I highly recommend some goldfish (feeders cost $.12 each and will actually grow to over a foot long you know!), in the late spring and summer water hiacynth (giant variety here are great: will filter the water naturally (they use them at water treatment facilities!), snails are great for algea.

    In the creek, plant some creeping jenny! It is hard to kill, not as invasive as parrot feather, and the lime green variety is really pretty!

    Water lettuce is good too as a floater.

    Just a slight warning... hiacynth and lettuce are a bit invasive. It will die off in winter there, but... it multiplies like mad! So start off with just a half dozen plants or so... they will fill in like crazy. My koi like to eat the lettuce (my koi are all over 2 ft and there are about 40 of them), perhaps ducks do as well!
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    If I had to guess, I would say its at least 20ft wide & 50ft long?

    It's natural and will take a lot of digging to get it cleaned out.

    There's a bar of land that seperates it from the creek (lengthwise). there are a few trees in the middle but with the wind storms lately i doubt they'll stay long, lol.I'd like to plant a willow by it since they grow so fast and thrive in wet areas.

    we have a lot of "water clover" in the creek that im sure will grow in the pond once mucked out. it's pretty and stays full & floats too.

    I think we might have to use rock around the edges to keep it clean & build it up for flood season this time around...we're still trying to figure it all out though.

    we used to keep free range muscovies on it when it was nice.. I think when the weather clears up i will let the ducks loose so they can help clean it out.

    I would be worried about introducing goldfish because the pond is connected to the creek....I can already see monster goldfish swimming the creek, LOL.
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    Here are two old ones...i'll try to get a recent one

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    heres some pictures of our natural pond. not really the best pictures, but the best ive got lol



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    Quote:How do you drain it?
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    I just put a sewage pump in it and run the hose right over to our woods. There is a hill there and the water runs right down into the creek.
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    Top pond is a 4x4 3 foot deep water trough. Bottom pond is a 6 person hot tub (can't quite see in the picture) I built a frame around with a bog in between to clean the water. The bog has the cats tails in it. I have two bio filters (the water tower is a bio filter) in this system. I use the grey water from my bathroom sinks and shower and laundry to supply the water. This is a closed system, but fish, frogs and turtles live in it. Haven't let the ducks destroy it yet though. They get a kiddie pool. That's why I can grow the lily pads.



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    I don't have a whole pic of our pond for some reason


    Close up of the lillies

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