post pictures of hathery qaulity swedes!!!

Oregon Blues

8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Central Oregon
Sorry. I looked through my photos and never took any of the hatchery quality Swedish.

They will be solid body color, either blue or black. They will have a white bib, probably rather splotched and not clear edges. Some have a pom-pom on their heads. It's possible, but not usual to get one with a full white neck ring. I've never seen one with white body spots, white is always in the bib area, but can run very far down the chest, onto the belly, and up to the chin.

Or, if you got a splash, it will be light silver with slightly darker light silver splotches over the body and end up looking rather white all over. It will have the bib, but not show up very well against the background.

Perhaps if you post photos of your ducks?

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