Post pictures of super cute chicks here!


Spicy Sugar Cookie
6 Years
Apr 26, 2017
The moon
Can't wait to see what everybody has! I don't have any really baby chicks. they have a lot of feathers, but i will post when i have some in a month or two.
This is one of my barnyard mutt chicks. I think she is a pullet. All her hatchmates were yellow. I'll post a pic of her now in a bit.
grey chick1.jpg
grey chick2.jpg
This is my nugget! 4.5 weeks. Nugget seems to be a little slower going with feathers and overall growth compared to the other 2 wyandotte we got at the same time, but I think it makes me love her even more... it will suck if it turns out she is a he, because we can't keep a he :(


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