Post pictures of your animals - and I'll sketch them for you!

Farming Frenzy

6 Years
Mar 23, 2013
Kerikeri New Zealand
Post pics of your pets, dogs,cats,chickens,fish,horses,reptiles, ANYTHING! and I'll sketch ( draw ) them for you then post them back on this thread.
I love stetching, but with pencil. so there's no colour, just ask if you want them coloured.


also if you want other animals ( wild animals not pets ) that's ok too, I can draw anything you post.
this is my favourite pet pic can you draw it for me?which one you like to draw amoung those,

sorry guys the camera is not working, but iv drawn all your pics and might get them downloaded tomorow

by the way- i chose the chick with the black hat :)

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