*Post pictures of your duck pen/coop!!* :)


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
I've got 6 ducklings and I'd like some ideas for a good duck pen/coop. Thanks!!!
My daughters and I are proud of the mobile duck house we made for our 6(now 8, soon to be 24(obviously a bigger place will have to be made)) ducklings. Pictures are on my BYC page under 'duck-house'.
We made it this past winter in the garage. So it took us about 2 months - a bit longer than needed only because we had to move stuff when it snowed and it was a couple hours here and there.
heres ours. its connected to the chickens coop which is on the left. the ducks have a enclosed run with a pool. but they free range most of the time.
Oh...it's very nice! And I have a question about your Welsh Harlequins, did you ordered them already sexed, or did you do straight run and use the coloration of the bills to determine the sex when they were a few days old?
When we ordered our first couple of Welsh Harlequins they were sexed females from Meyer Hatchery(actually shipped from Metzer Farms I believe). The next couple Welsh Harlequins we get will be a straight run from Holderread Waterfowl Farm. They are a VERY pretty duck that can lay alot of eggs.
Oh ok. I got 2 WH ducklings, but they were straight run so I don't know what there genders are! I'm hoping for a pair!
How old are they? Because you can tell by the voice. Raspy for male and LOUD for female. We bought 2 unsexed Rouens that are about 6-8 weeks old and the male has a quiet raspy quack and the female has a loud definite quack.

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