Post pictures of your exterior nesting boxes!


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Feb 3, 2009
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I am trying to figure out how to build my exterior nest boxes! I am building 2 of them on the back of my coop, and nees help! Don't think you posted too many, I KNOW I'm not the only one wondering. I am really confused on this. I need all the space I can get in the coop, so HELP!
Hi there... Mine aren't finished yet, But here's ours when we first started them. No recent pix...

these are a result of a addition to the existing shed which became a coop.The coop is elevated and the nest boxes come chest high on the outside and are at ankle and knee level inside. There are 6 nests in this setup. Paint will come with better weather. Goal was for wife to not need to go inside for any reason.


I bulit the frame and added the sheet stock sides as pieces. I calked edges as protection from drafts and leaks. The bottom edge sits on a anchored rail like a deck board id attached to a reg house then the top has bolts through the frame and in to the wall inside with 2x4 across to distribute the weight

I cut the holes in the wall after to be sure it was in the right place and then used dadoed 2x2 to trim the entry for saftey to the birde. I shingled once on and used a drip edge upside down glued on then caulked heavy. No leaking yet
(4 months) .

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