Post Pictures of your Hand raised Finches

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    Share some pictures of finches that you have raised! Here are a couple of mine, a few are baby finches that I used to have.

    These are the last babies that I've raised their names are Soapy (left), Dove (middle), and Creek ( right).

    I think this is Snow and Ender.

    Top: This was my favorite clutch of zebra finches though for some reason they never learned how to fly and died shortly after, I never found the reason that they all died.
    Bottom: Curios (middle), Cac ( left), and Irene (right).

    This is Via the very first zebra finch I got, shortly after I brought home Sky.

    The white one is Sky building a nest.
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    Apr 21, 2013
    Troy, North Carolina
    Too cute! I have finches also. I have an aviary which is fairly large. Right now I have seven adults and three babies. I need to find a home for some of the finches. They are messy!
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    Right now I have 3 zebra finches, their names are Avire, Curry, and Soapy. What kind of color mutation are your babies? [​IMG]

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