Post pictures of your quail here!


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Aug 20, 2013
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My Coop
I would like to see some of your quails ill start, here's my first coturnix quail, Ellie.
Button Quail chick is 3 1/2 weeks old and Ruby is the mom

the whole family, Henry, Ruby and chick

Henry loves his sand bath. The parents have been very good with this one chick. The hen sat on 8 eggs but this is the only one that hatched. The parents have begun mating again. This time I will remove the eggs as I do not want anymore quail at this time. Silly birds!
and if anyone in the Denver area want the chick let me know she will be ready for a new home in a couple more weeks.
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Three of my girls, Buttons (white), Pepper II (brown) and Willow (light brown) free-ranging for a bit.
They're all sisters.

A better look of Pepper.

Plus, the youngest and the only one that doesn't squirm when being handled:
Egglantine. Another sister.

And here's Prince, the male. I like his colours, but I'm not sure how to define them.
Just my small little covey.
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