Post your best "senior moments"


The Chickeneer
9 Years
Jun 2, 2010
El Dorado County, California
There are those of us of a certain age.

I have spent the last 45 minutes or so, tearing my house apart, looking for my glasses.

They are on my head. Happened to catch that in the entryway mirror, in my way out the door to see if I'd left them out on the deck. D'oh!

What's your best senior moment?
Well......I've lost my keys when they were IN MY HAND THE WHOLE TIME!

Sooooo embarrassing....
THIS exact thing same happened to me at work this morning. I wasn't embarrassed AT ALL...yeah, right.
A recent one - fed the chooks in pen 1...then a half hour later, fed the chooks in pen 1....then 45 minutes later, fed the chooks in pen 1.....

At least they're not hungry!
Two days ago I took my mother in law's cordless phone home with me....12 miles away. I physically picked the thing up, set it on my passenger seat, and drove all the way home before I realized it was there.

I'm 33. Imagine what I'll be like when if I GET to a certain age...
I am far from a senior.. but....

I have one of those locks for the front door where there is a key pad instead of keys... all you need to do to lock it is press the lock button.. no code.. and the keys are inside the house on the key rack

we went camping for the weekend and I had the pet sitter come... we got home... i cant remember the code to get in... i had to call my pet sitter and tell her how to get in my house ..

yeah im only 37
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I have so many of them I wouldn't know where to start.

I guess my "best" one recently is to put things - like a gallon of milk - in the cabinet instead of the fridge.

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