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  1. chickenman7

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    Sep 11, 2007
    Hi What is everyones complete chicken diet?
  2. We feed Homestead 17% Layer Crumble from Hubbard Feeds. It is all-natural and contains no rendered animal proteins.

    We also provide free choice oyster shells and have free choice access to ground alfalfa meal. Since our layers are not free range, the alfalfa meal helps darken the yolks, we could do the same by adding marigold extract to the diet.

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  3. Barnyard Dawg

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    Feb 7, 2007
    Northern California
    We feed our chickens mainly steamed rice, quinoa, flaxseed, some crumble, I add some buckwheat and barley to their oyster shell. We will fee them a variety of green vegetables a lot depends on the season, they like figs, raspberries, blackberries, sunflower, fresh corn, watermelon. As far as fish we feed them shrimp heads and shells and fish parts occasionally. They do free-range so they get bugs and worms. And we feed them DE for worms and parasites along with natural apple cider vinegar to their drinking water.
  4. Crazy4Chicks

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    Nov 20, 2007
    Glendale, AZ
    well mine get oatmeal every morning - sometimes plain but lately they get apple sauce, peaches,pears, or what ever canned fruit i happen to get

    they also get alittle cracked corn or scratch for the really cold mornings and a big bowl of crumble for the day they also get fresh veggies,fruit depending on the season - they love cherry tomatoes and watermelon corn on the cob bread chesse noodles rice

    ( they have also gotten a mice or two that was dumb enough to run in the coop/yard )
    in the warmer weather they get bugs worms from the yard

  5. Organic layer pellets 24/7
    Oyster shell 24/7

    Homemade scratch (whole wheat, BOSS, corn, milo, oats)--several handfuls a day for 5 birds

    1/2 C yogurt about every day

    Cooked oatmeal few Xs a week

    Boiled egg once a week

    Various leftovers (pasta, quiche, mousaka, whatever)

    Oh, and they raid the compost pile at will. Sneaky lil' girls.

    But really, they just free range all day and don't seem to care too much about what I give 'em. I think they just like the attention of my feeding them.[​IMG]
  6. Yonaton

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    Jun 28, 2007
    West TN
    DuMor complete layer pellets in two 10 pound hanging feeders so they can eat it all day if they want.

    During winter months when the bugs are gone and the grass is slow to grow, I go out at dinner time or maybe 1PM and throw out 3/4 of a small plastic pitcherfull of scratch grains. Once in a great while I'll find a few of the ripe (wild) persimmons have fallen off the tree and I'll make sure they get those too. Oh, and they forage over ~5 acres every day - they seem to find a lot of stuff to eat in the open pasture and inside the woods.

    With just the above, their egg yolks are still nice and dark and the eggs taste 100 times better than store-bought still.
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  7. meginfl

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    Dec 14, 2007
    West, TN
    I've only had my girls 4 days now, they're 4 months old. They have free access to a hanging galvanized poultry feeder with Purina Start and Grow.

    I let them out of the coop in the morning and give them a few hours to eat their feed. Then give them a half of a smashed banana, about 1/4 c. raw hulled sunflower seeds and about 1/4 c. of flax seeds.

    I gave them a little cottage cheese and a little scrambled egg yesterday to see if they liked it. They loved it! They didn't touch the ear of raw corn, the Pomegranite and don't seem to like grapes too well.

    At night to lure them back into their house, I give them raisins out of my hand.

    They are in a 12 X 5 tractor open to the grass on the bottom in the run area.

    One girl dug herself a nice little hole today and dug up whatever lives beneath the grass.

    One girl flew up into the cylinder of the feeder this morning. She looked so funny in there! I took pics of her peeking out the top while the rest of her flock mates ate at the trough part.

    Megan in FL
  8. fivebigreds

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    Sep 9, 2007
    middle Tennessee
    My rooster will tell you his daily routine.

    6 ish AM My human/ servant awakens us at day break rinsing and refilling our water bowls and scattering oats around the hen house, our door is opened and our human sings the tune “Good Morning” to us (the Judy Garland version if you please). We are told how beautiful we are.
    10AM or after everyone has laid and eggs gathered,
    we are let out in the yard to scratch, play and maybe even leave Daddy a little something in the carport if he’s lucky.
    An hour or so later our human/ servant has our lunch ready and calls us back to the safety of our pen to eat our yummy meat loaf (hamburger, oatmeal,and rice ) and take a much earned nap.
    At 4 PM ish we are given our night, night scratch feed with black oil sunflower seeds and again told how beautiful we are and on occasion let out to play again.
    Of course we have a head count and lock down at dusk and have “Good night Irene” sang to us.
    This concludes our daily routine.
    Signed Chewbacca
  9. Well, my girls get corn, layer feed, oyster shells 24/7, and every now and then they get oats especially during the summer, plus they get to free range on the warm days. And of course they get fresh water. I got two heated waters in the coop right now, plus the other one's they had before!
  10. okiechick57

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    layer pellets 24/7
    hen scratch 24/7 in winter mostly......if low corn its all year
    crumbles 24/7
    Oyster shell 24/7
    Snacks are about every other day........
    bread crumbsl
    cooked rice
    anything leftover in my fridge, they get to try.............

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