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    It would be great to have one central place to find examples of letters that have been sent to local governments relating to keeping backyard chickens.

    Letters asking for changing ordinances, or letters requesting variances of existing ordinances, or letters calling for new ordinances.

    Subject: anything at all relating to laws about keeping backyard chickens: increasing the limits on the number of chickens allowed, or the decreasing the minimum distances allowed between coops and property lines, or removing prohibitions on keeping any chickens, etc.

    I'm hoping we get lots of letters posted here and that the whole thread becomes a STICKY permanently positioned at the top of this board.

    Whaddya think? Good idea? (I've seen several excellent letters on this board through the years that I've been a byc member, but they're scattered and so hard to find when you need them.)
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    Jan 13, 2011
    I sent one to the mayor of Freeport last week -- it was mostly the letter you shared with me, with additions concerning my story (and omissions of any identifying info/pictures about you). I still haven't heard from the mayor's office about what i need to do. It seems NO ONE in Freeport knows anything about changing an Ordinance. They ping-ponged me between the Village Counsel and the buildings department for a while until they sent me to the Mayor's office.

    We'll see how it goes. I'd *LOVE* to have more than 2 babies!

  3. Carolyn252

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    Hey, Nancy!

    That's great. Good Luck and keep me (and this board) posted. Can't wait to hear the developments!!!!!!!!!

    Your chicken-keepin' neighbor,
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    Quote:Freeport, PA?
  5. Carolyn252

    Carolyn252 Mother of Chickens

    Quote:Freeport, PA?

    No; we're both in Freeport, NY. (In Nassau County, Long Island)
  6. dessny

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    Jun 19, 2011
    I'm sending this, this week. Any suggestions?
    Mr. Mayor and City Counsel,

    It seems that every TV station, news paper, and magazine in Pittsburgh has recently run stories on chicken ownership or other form of urban agriculture. The desire for “greener” more sustainable lives has gained momentum with fears from the unstable economy and learning where much of our food comes from. One way cities support this movement is by reconsidering their stance on chicken ownership.

    For this reason, I was very happy to hear that you, Mr. Mayor, are gaining a reputation of progressiveness. Which, I believe, can serve as a great asset to our community. So I ask for your assistance in joining thousands of other backyard chicken owners.

    How would the city benefit by allowing residents to raise chickens?
    ●People are drawn to cities that are forward-thinking, most of which have become chicken-friendly. Seattle, Washington’s successful standards regarding chicken ownership has set the bar for others nationwide. I have included a copy of section SMC 23.42.052 C of their Municipal Code to review.
    ●In an effort to reduce waste removal costs, the municipality of Diest in Flanders, Belgium gave 3 chickens to 2,000 homes. In one month, a single chicken can consume up to nine pounds of kitchen garbage and yard waste, which would otherwise end up at the curb on garbage day.

    Why would someone like me want to raise chickens?
    ●Chickens eat slugs, grubs, fleas, ticks, flies, stink bugs, and countless others. They have even been known to get rid of mice and rats by consuming their food source.
    ●No need for chemical fertilizer, chickens help create some of the best compost.
    ●They are natural weed killers who eat weed seeds, and the weeds themselves.
    ●Chickens provide a supply of delicious fresh eggs.
    ●When raised properly, chickens can be wonderful loving pets.

    Hopefully you are able to see the benefits of having these quiet animals within city limits. All of my neighbors with adjoining properties have signed some basic ownership guidelines with hope of your approval.
  7. Carolyn252

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    You asked, so I've taken the liberty and added some words, phrases and sentences.

    I've underlined my additions, to make it easier for you to find them.

    Not sure if any of it is what you'd like to include, but if it is, well and good.


    Quote:I've enclosed a copy of the guidelines here for you to see. Keeping chickens and their coops and runs perfectly clean, attractive and secure is an easy, practical and rewarding enhancement of living the good life in our city. I've enclosed a few photographs of charming backyard coops; real estate enrichment at its best.

    I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this issue; may I phone you next week for an appointment?

    Yours truly,
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  8. dessny

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    Jun 19, 2011
    Carolyn, thanks so much for your suggestions. Its nice to get help from another point of view other than my own on wording, especially someone who knows more on this topic than I do. It seems that every time a new person looks at the letter, it gets better. [​IMG]
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    Great thread idea! I've bookmarked it myself for future reference.

    dessny...What city are you in? I live near Pittsburgh and just went on a "coop tour" in the city last weekend! Plenty of happy, legal chickens. [​IMG]
  10. dessny

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    Jun 19, 2011
    I'm in New Kensington. Maybe pessimistic, but I doubt I'll find anyone else on here from New Ken, but anyway, where are you? I just wrote my whole story on my page, but I found out about the coop tour the day after since I'm such a newbie and out of the loop. And obviously I don't watch the news or anything, cuz its all of my neighbors that told me about all the chicken stuff thats been going on in Pittsburgh. Sometimes this bubble I live in bites me in the butt....

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