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    Yesteday got to pick fresh apples from the pick your own farm. so found this receipe to go with, thought would share

    Pasta salad with ham, cheese and apples

    500 g maccaroni pasta
    1 medium red onion
    200 g cooked and smoked ham (like Brunswick ham or any prosciutto cotto)
    200 g gruyère or emmental cheese
    75 g cornichons or cocktail gherkins
    1 large apple (preferably crisp and slightly sour)
    3 tbsp brine from the cornichons
    2 heaped tbsp crème fraîche
    3 heaped tbsp good-quality mayonnaise
    2 tbsp white wine vinegar
    1 handful parsley leaves
    salt & freshly cracked pepper to season

    Cooked the maccaroni to packet instructions, then cool in ice water and drain thoroughly.

    Chop the red onion finely. Cut the ham and cheese into tiny cubes/squares. Finely chop the cornichons.
    Wash and core the apple, cut it into ca. 20 wedges, then slice finely cross-wise. Roughly chop the parsley.

    Combine all ingredients in a bowl, leave to stand in the fridge for at least an hour. Season to taste.

    Can be prepared the night before for maximum development of flavours.

    from the "thepassionatecook" page


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