Post Your Funny Chicken pictures

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  1. Just post all your funny chicken and poultry pics here! post edited pics or just funny chicken pics that are all natural!
    Post any funny CHICKEN or POULTRY picture! Have Fun!!! [​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Ok here is one of mine!
    The Bunny Chicken!
  3. Here is one more:
    Thats Eddy the worlds sweetest rooster IDK why I gave him devel horns
  4. [​IMG]
    Eddy again!
  5. LovePolish2

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    Sep 18, 2012
    :) haha

    (Can I do quail too? If so..)


  6. You can do Quail I'll just allow all poultry! [​IMG]
  7. Heres another Eddy one!
  8. Anyone else want to join? Its really fun! Oh by the way I am editing my photos at Just wanted to let you know if you want to make some!
    Those are edited pics of Herki the hen!
  9. Here is a NONedited pic of Herki!
  10. Valdancer

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    Jun 1, 2013
    Las Vegas
    Phantom the australorp and Dazzle the Cochin helping my with a photo project!

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