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Nov 19, 2012
Post pics of your feathery friends! For starters...Any one have a pic of a two week old Swedish duckling or mallard duckling?
I have pics of my black swedes when they were 2 weeks old
Thanks guys! I will post some of my baby Mallard, it seems that s/he is to small for it's age. Also my swede was not that big, s/he look like a hatch ling, he died though last night. Pics soon to come. :D
When can ducklings start to live outside? Here's my duckling, Charlie. And anyone know what breed it could be?

This is Bedhead. I have been told that she is a crested blue swedish. 8 weeks old today

This is daisy. Khaki campbell 8 weeks old

Buttercup, not sure what she is but 8 weeks old


Bedhead. She is my favorite little lady.

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