Post your quail recipes here!

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    Hi everybody! Post your quail recipes here! Eggs and Meat!

    Well I like pretty much all of my food on a sandwhich. So today I made a sunnyside up cheese quail egg sandwhich! So I made the quail eggs sunnyside up. Got a hamburger bun, put butter and cheese on the bun. Then I put the sunnyside up eggs on the bun. And Eat!

    Post your recipes!

    *Sorry, this belong in the recipes section*
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    [​IMG] I will be watching this one. I don't have any quail recipes, but I am sure going to need some. [​IMG]
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    I've only ever boiled quail eggs (and only three of them at that), so I don't really have experience, but I heard of a way of cooking them that's sort of a cross between frying them and poaching them. Basically, you have a frying pan and you put about 1cm of water into it and bring it to a steady boil (not too ferocious), and then you crack the egg into the water and gently splash some water on top of it, as if you were frying it. After its cooked you can add other seasoning to it, like some pepper and salt. I think there's other things you can add as well to flavour, but I've never had a poached egg before [​IMG]

    The person I spoke to about this said she cooks some ciabatta bread and cuts it into 3cm squares, cooks some bacon and cuts that to size then puts it on the bread with the egg on top. Never tried this, though, so I don't know what it's like. Hope this is of some help to people [​IMG]

    Will definitely be watching this as well. Can't wait to see what recipes other people have, especially for roast quail as I have a couple that are waiting to be cooked and I want to know what to do with them. Can't wait to try them, though!! [​IMG]

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