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    Jul 22, 2014
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    When I first tried to post the pic' of the 5 eggs laid by my pullet Cinnamon Queen 'Penny' on her first day of laying.... please see "Post your FIRST EGG pics! - Page 684"...bottom of page... I tried two more times with the same result.... and now I see all three posts do show the pic. Nifty-Chicken sent me here via Email notification suggesting this is the place to post such problems should they arise. I was hoping someone could remove the excess posts.. I'm still a bit of a newbie on forums and make many mistakes for which I apologies, I have posted other pics on other threads here on 'BackYard' and had no problems. Thankyou for your attention.. Chick n goat ma
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    Yeah, there's timing issue (at least there was last Sat. - intermittent main gallery showing upload with the NO IMAGE AVAILABLE - yet the small thumbnail in the carousel would be there and would display properly when clicked - though posting in thread was NADA (win8/latest chrome/no cache). So, I expect someone is working on this at our Host

    Whenever you post and either get a perfectly duplicate post appearing below your original (with duplicate time stamp for posting), etc, simply click the little red flag button at the bottom left of the post(s) REPORT button. When window pops up choose: OThER and explain: `please remove. Duplicate post' One of the very helpful mods will take care of this for you.
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