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    Just saw this on Craigs list, but I'm not in the market for this-though I'd pass it along
    Baby Chickens!!!Incubator too - $5 (gray)
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    Date: 2009-02-20, 10:32AM EST

    I purchased an incubator and decided to hatch eggs- however now moving and must sell 4-6 week old (4) Buff Orpington chicks, and 2 black australorps- both are supposed to be great layers or for meat purposes. I have in the incubator an assortment of eggs that are scheduled to hatch on 2/24/09- those chicks are only $3.00 each. The incubator was purchased at the beginning of Jan, used twice- still air hovabator 9200 with automatic egg turner- paid $120 for equipment and will sell for $75. Chicks will be laying by summer-

    * Location: gray

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