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    I know there have been a million questions about this. I have been trying to put pictures on my page for several years without success. I have no trouble uploading photos to the site and posting photos in messages but can't post any photos on my page. Was never able to post a photo as an avatar either and then I was finally able to this week. So I got excited thinking I would finally be able to put photos on my page but no such luck. Any ideas? I have tried every way I could think to post them. It's not the end of the world if I can't but very frustrating and I don't want to waste anhy more time trying if it's not possible.
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    Quote:If you've already loaded images to the BYC host, then you're almost home!! Everyone does it a bit different, but here's what I do (from memory - I hope I get the steps correct:

    1) Open your page, and make sure you are in "edit" mode.
    2) Go to your Uploads, find the image you want to insert. Right-click on the IMAGE (not the links). The image should now be on your clipboard.
    3) Go back to your page and put the cursor where you want to insert the picture, right-click, and hit Paste. The image should appear.
    4) Scroll down to the bottom of your page and hit Publish Changes.

    Using the actual IMAGE rather than one of the links will put a smaller 'thumbnail' on your page, that anyone should be able to click on and enlarge. You can see how they look on one of My Pages.

    Hope that helps! Hope it works!!

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