Pot Bellied Piglet Decision


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
I put a deposit down on 2 piglets (pot bellies) last week. They were born last weekend. I didn't pick out specific ones, but will get my pick when I pick them up. They are so cute and the parents are the size of beagles. They are kept in a run in barn and until the babies were born were free to roam in a huge pasture.
Anyway I went to see them this weekend and three are missing. The owner thinks it might be feral cats or foxes getting them. We searched everywhere for them. I even looked in places where they might be laying dead, but nothing.
I can pick them up anytime I want. I wanted to leave them on their mothers until they were 8 weeks old because that is what is best for the piglets. But now I'm worried that the predators will keep coming back and getting more. The owner reworked the fence and gates some, but if it is feral cats or fox or even raccons, they will still be able to get to them.
I read that under 3 weeks their chance of survival away from mom is 50%. I have had pots of my own for many years. I still have 3 very old pots. And even had a litter in the past. So I am experienced in feeding and such. And I bought a dairy goat in milk so I have fresh goat milk.
I just don't like the idea of taking them from mom so young.
What would you do? Leave them with mom and risk another predator invasion, or bring them home and raise them? I would appreciate any advice.
if i could bottle feed a pig i would die and be in heaven! if you know what you are doing i would give it a try..also..maybe you can go over there for a few days in a row before you bring them home and introduce them to the bottle...then maybe it wont be so risky..but, if something is taking them..its not a good sign...it will come back for them...why cant they lock them up to be better protected?
What if you had the owner bring the mother and babies to your home except you have some so they can grow up for awhile so then all of them would be safe sounds extreme Ive never even had a pig. Just trying to help though.
Actually even young piglets will drink milk from a bowl. No need for a bottle, it's just personal preference. Although using a bottle might make bonding easier. I do like the idea of going over and getting them started ahead of time. I didn't think of that.
We really tried making it more secure for them, but it's a tall, deep three sided barn. I think it was used for big tractor storage at one time. She had litters last year with no problems. But something has found them this year.
She uses her other barns for her goats and sheep. She has a lot of goats and sheep, many of them with babies coming or on the ground already. I was looking around at the other buildings, but can see where she just doesn't have another one to move them to.
I think I will go over and get them started with goats milk. That will give their bellies time to get used to the change over since they will still be nursing from mom too.
I was hoping to at least make the three week mark. But I'm worried about the predators.
Thanks for the advice.
Bringing them here sounds like a good idea too. She has 2 mothers with two litters. I do have a safe area for them here. My Aussie lives inside of the barn and doesn't let anything in there. He takes his job serious!
Thanks, I will have to see what she thinks.
that would be good also! then you get the best of both worlds...baby still with mom and them safe!
I decided to look up piggys in my area and found one.... 450!!!! because her parents are 40 lbs.what the heck


I have a female pot belly pigglett. She is most likely considered to be micro or teacup. She shouldnt be over 40 lbs when grown. She was born January 10, 09. I am asking $450 for her.
call me at "

I took off the phone number but its at domestic sale incase anyone wants to buy her shes a cutie but gollie mollie
If it's a matter of the piglets health, or life, then I would take them home with me and bottle or bowl feed. Of course this is coming from someone that brought their piglet home at 3 days old. If I was going to pull it, the sooner the better, I would not wait the older the piglets are the more stressful it would be.

On the other hand if the breeder is willing I think bringing them (all of them) home with you until they're old enough to leave their mothers would be an ideal plan! The babies will be able to stay on their mom's and you would have a chance to really get to know them and pick yours based on that. And they will all be safe, not only the ones you'll be taking.
I would pick my piglets up now. I have two PBPs. I got Pitunia at 8 weeks and 2 days old and Stormy at just 7 days old. I wouldn't give anything for the time we have bonded while I have been bottle feeing her. It has been an experience that will last a life time and under the curstances of something getting the piglets, I couldn't deal with that fact. Pitunia is 17 1/2 weeks old now and Stormy is 5 1/2 weeks old now. Pitunia will always be my favorite since she was my first but Stormy and I will have that bond together because of her start in life. She truly thinks I am her mother. There is nothing like it. Again I would go for it. You want regret it.
a friend of mine just got 2 regular pigs that were a day old, mom was biting at them, she brought them home and they drink milk out of a bowl, never had to use a bottle and they are growing like weeds, maybe this baby will drink from a bowl

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