Pot belly pig - separating mom and babies.

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    So my princess of a pot belly pig just had her first litter 8 weeks ago tomorrow. This is my first time having a little of babies on my own. I have bottle fed the mama pig when she was a baby and have had her for about 4 years and love her to death. That's why this is making this a problem for me. She and the four babies were in the stall last night together like normal and I notice mama has been losing a lot of weight recently since the babies have been growing. I am not sure if they are just sucking the life out of her or what. The babies eat their pellets completely nice but I do notice that they still chase her around the pen in hopes to get some milk which she turns them down and runs away from them. Worried for the mama's own health and well being, I separated her and the babies and am hoping I can put some weight on her while not having her worry about the babies. Yet that is the problem, she is very protective as a good mother should be of her babies. She tries charging out of her stall door to get to them and the babies cry non stop. I am not sure what to do or if separating them is the right thing to do, I just don't like seeing the mom as skinny as she is. This fist time litter mama would appreciate some words of advice![​IMG]


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    I am familiar with the Waddell Seal, the mama loses 66% of her weight nursing the pup, 600 pounds [​IMG]lost

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