Pot Belly Piglet update!

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    Feb 18, 2015
    So the piglets will be three weeks old tomorrow night. My dad, who used to raise farm hogs, is coming over this weekend to help us castrate the males. We have 5 boys and 3 girls. Since Pearl was such a miserable pregnant pig we are not going to breed her again (daddy pig was put in the freezer in February.) We're going to keep one or two of her babies to keep her company. They will now just be our yard pigs. My husband doesn't have it in him to butcher another animal raised in our back yard. He says we can just fill the freezer with deer and he doesn't have to think about how cute they were as babies.

    One of our piglets was nearly carried off by an owl a week and a half ago, I thought for sure he may die or get an infection. Pearl would not let us touch him or get near him because she knew he was hurt so we couldn't medicate him. He has actually healed completely already. He is the runt, the tiniest little piglet we have. The owl couldn't carry him off then so I'm sure they're all safe now. They get fatter every day. So we are keeping the little guy, because while he's adorable and tiny, he may keep that big scar. I also want to keep the red female. She was our only red baby.


    This is his wound. You could look through it at the right angle. The skin was pulled away from the body and you could see through it to the ground. In the picture above he is #4 from the left. You have to look really close to even be able to tell he has a scar.

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    they are cute!! poor little guy. Thats quite a wound
    yeah, it is hard to kill an animal you raise...a chicken is a bit hard...a pig would be really hard.
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