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I just made it without a recipe. I haven't made potato salad in years and it came out PERFECT!!!!!

I hit enter too soon. Now I have no idea what I did, except for 6 hard boiled eggs. Does anyone have a potato salad recipe using both sweet and dill pickles? I am afraid to try that again!
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I don't use an actual recipe. I just boil tatoes, eggs, mix em together, add purple onion and some pickles, maybe olives at times, add some best foods, stir it all up, and yum!
That is what I did! I used both sweet and dill pickles. and I added sugar to some sweet relish. A little mustard too. I have no idea how much of what I used.
Debi - here is how I make it. Husband HATES pickles so this one without.

I use Yukon Gold potatoes, celery, red onion, fresh parsley, celery seed, salt pepper and 3-4 hard boiled eggs. Everything is eye balled - that looks about right - and the dressing is Best Foods mayo (no other brand is allowed in house) good ole yellow mustard, a splash of red wine vinegar mixed well and tossed into salad. I sometimes add a bit more mayo after it has set for while if it seems to have dried out some.

Works great for me every time and no one seems to miss the pickles - especially my husband.

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Boil potatoes and eggs, add mayo, mustard, dill relish and sweet relish. Garnish with paprika and Voila! Tater salad. Now all you need is some bbq beans and ribs. YUM YUM!

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