POTATOES!!! *PICS added!*


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Apr 9, 2009
Knoxville, TN
I decided yesterday that I needed to pull up my potato plants and throw them in the compost bin... the plants were all eaten up by slugs, wilting and turning brown. I removed all the hay off the top and pulled up my first couple of plants and threw them in the bin... and out roll 2 perfect red new potatoes about 2" in diameter. WHAT???? I had read that potatoes weren't ready until the time that the plants bloom - and mine never did. I started digging around and I pulled out enough to fill up a gallon size ice-cream bucket!!! Some were pretty big for red potatoes and others were smaller. I have to say this has probably been the most rewarding gardening experience yet (first time growing potatoes).

I finally got them washed up... here are the pics!


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That's great news! I grow a huge garden and half of it is potatoes. I know it is a lot of work and I am glad that you got some rewards for your effort. There is nothing like taking them from the garden , to the stove, to your plate. YUM!!!
I sure hope it isn't too late. I just planted 7 rows of them on Friday..

My rows are over 300 feet long..

Instead of tires, use a garbage can.
It take way less dirt/compost than tires do.. and easier to handle.

or seed all you need are about 8 potatoes.. get some that are starting to sprout already..

make drain holes in the bottom of your can and add about 4 inches of compost then set the potatoes in and cover them with about 3 inches of compost.. when the plants get about 8 inches tall fill the can up to about half the height of the potato plant.. Keep doing this until your can is full.. then wait for the potato plant to dry up and dump the can and all your poatoes out.. that's it..
Dave, you could try your local nursery - they may have seed potatoes still! I don't think it's too late at all. Mine grew in only a couple of months. If they don't have seed potatoes you *could* just use regular potatoes. Cut them into pieces - one eye on ea. piece - and let them sit out for a day. Bury them under a few inches of soil and once the stems and leaves are up to 12", cover w/ 6" of soil or hay. Do the same thing once they grow more. Wait a few months (or until the flower) and dig 'em up! Super easy!!!
Okay Georgia and jvls1942 (maybe we could use names here....?), you guys are starting me down the path.... Im really a garden lover who also enjoys chickens

What if I used tires with the sidewalls cut out? See, I have an endless supply of racing tires, about 24" tall. With the sidewalls out, they are really just big sections of tube, like slices from an inner tube. They also stack real well and I can easily get them up to 4 feet with just two of them.

I never imagined I could use store bought taters for seed, either! All I need is the eye segment, right? Your average tuber offers 3-4 sections, as I understand it.

By golly, Im gonna do it!
Do it.
Nothing better than home grown taters.
We are growing Yukon Golds this year. We will be using tires, too.

Though the garbage can idea sounds great as well!

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