Potbelly Pigs?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by duckncover, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I was wondering a few things about them.

    Can you keep them in the city?

    Is a male or a female better to get?

    Do they potty train easily?

    Are they dangerous or aggressive?

    How much do they weigh?

    I'm guessing you can't pick them up after they are big so how do you move them?

    I am asking this because I would like to have one. I really don't want to ask my town if it's legal or not because I'm afraid of them shooting me down. I do know they don't allow farm animals but I don't know if they are considered farm animals or if they'd even make an exception since I'd be keeping it inside like a dog. I wanted to get a pet skunk but I don't see that happening even though it's perfectly legal here. The thing about skunks is that if it ever bites anyone they have to kill it to test for rabies and they have no approved vaccine yet for them but that's a different story. Can anyone tell me how to go about asking my town whatevers about keeping one?
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Just a comment on a skunk. Just tell people that it is not descented even though it is. That way they will leave it alone and they won't get bitten. I would love to have a skunk but they are not legal here.

    Pigs potty train easily. Potbellies are not mean or aggressive unless abused. They respond well to kind treatment. As to how big they get it depends on a lot of things. I have seen potbellies that were in the 200# range.

    A word to the wise. Just never let them know that food comes from the fridge. Your pig may try to help itself in your absence, and what a pig can do to the contents of the refrigerator boggles the mind.

    Some municipalities allow potbellied pigs and pygmy goats. Some do not. Maybe you can get a friend to do the research for you.

    Most of the time you get your potbelly while it is still a little baby so moving it is not a problem. Just hold it or put it in a pet carrier.

    Sex isn't really important, but males MUST be neutered.
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    Quote:#1: Check your local town laws about them....i know in my state (MAss) that there is an old blue book law that says we can have pigs and their pens...Thats what the town hall told me..
    so i'm allowed to keep my pigs...

    #2: I think either sex is fine to have as a pet ...as long as they are FIXED..
    otherwise their hormones can make them very moody....and if a male isnt fixed they stink to high heaven!

    #3: They potty train VERY easy.... pigs are very clean, VERY smart animals..they only pee/poop in one area...(like a cat) so...once they pick a spot..they will go there EVERY time...
    they can either be litter box trained or outside trained (like a dog)....

    #4: I would not say thay are dangerous ...but you have to HAVE to have the upper hand with them... they need to know that you are above them in the heard...(just like if you have a dog..you have to be above them in the pack..they have to respect you...same thing!)
    if they think they can get away with something..they will try to push you.
    also..NEVER ever hit a pig...they will only learn to hate and fear you.....
    Also..getting them fixed will help with any bad moods....
    Remember pigs are very smart (as smart as a 3-5 year old human..) and they are one of the few creatures (besides us) that have the ability to reason.... so.... you HAVE to be on your toes with them...
    they are very into a routine..the same thing every day,...
    Pigs are very treat motivated..(and so easy to train...)..they will be your best buddy and be on their best behavior if they know it will earn them a treat.... [​IMG]

    #5: Weight....you should see their parents to know how big they are going to get.... (otherwise you wont really know how big they will get...)
    if you DONT over feed them...they shouldnt get too big... (they only eat about a cup of PBP feed a day... sometimes a little more..)
    my oldest is about 3 years old now and hes only the size of a small cocker spaniel dog...

    #6: moving them.... train them to walk on a leash...(you need a buy a PIG harness..because they can slip out of a dog harness) and they will walk with you everywhere...
    i used to bring mine to the petco and the nursing home to the parks...
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    Can you keep them in the city? I think that varies by the city, probably if they don't allow livestock they would be included in that. I know here (although I don't live in town) you aren't allowed to have any livestock but a equine (they can be considered transportation), but I know of lots that do have them, as long as the neighbors don't have a problem with it it's not inforced.

    Is a male or a female better to get? Either are fine, although you will be best off if you have them spayed/neutered (especially the boys)

    Do they potty train easily? I didn't have alot of luck w/ that, my girl is fine as long as she's confined to the laundry room, but not so good w/ more freedom

    Are they dangerous or aggressive? They can be! You have to stay on top of training.

    How much do they weigh? Varies, I've heard of them being up to 300lbs! Best advise is to find a good breeder and meet the parents. PBPs grow til they are 3 years old, so you can't count on anything younger then that. Pigs can be bred vary young and that can give the illusion that it's a really small adult, but it may still be a baby!

    I'm guessing you can't pick them up after they are big so how do you move them? I can pick my girl up, but she's heavy and I'd rather not. She has a harness if I need to take her anywhere, and around home I just call her, she comes to her name. If that were to fail she'll follow food anywhere!

    Hope that helps!
  5. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    I see you are from PA? I got one of my pigs from there.....a true vietnam PBP...
    nice people, and the pig parents were nice and small too!.... let me know if you want their #....

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