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Jul 19, 2011
Hello! Last Spring we entered the world of chicken keeping when we brought home six chicks, all hens (Buff Orps, Barred Rocks, RI Reds). All has gone very well with all of the excellent advice from everyone on this board (thank you very much!).

So this Spring, about 5 weeks ago, we decided to add to our flock and brought home 7 additional Barred Rocks (we wanted 6 but couldn't leave one behind). They are now two months old.

So far, all 7 look identical, except for one. This chick is lighter in color than the rest (still black and speckled white) and the only one growing a comb at this point.

Is it possible we have a cockerel in the bunch?

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Mar 9, 2014
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Yes, it is entirely possible - as @Chicken Girl1 has pointed out, though, we can't help you beyond that without actually seeing the bird. If you can take and post a photo we can positively ID the gender of your bird.

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