Potential stroke and gurgling after drinking etc..

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    Apr 11, 2015
    hello. So about two weeks ago I adopted a chicken that was probably going to be killed because of his problems he's having. He was hatched out last fall according to the woman I got him from. Silky/Cochin mix. Real sweet boy. She said she thinks he had a stroke. That he used to crow, walk, roost, etc. but then for about three weeks( do around 5 weeks now), that he's been like this. So, basically he can't walk, one leg seems to be the issue. ( she said she's seen the not working leg be one and the the other), but since I've had him, it's just his left leg. I have to encourage and basically hand feed and water him throughout the everyday. So, the main problem that concerns me is this. Usually after he drinks a little bit the he opens his mouth and eyes , flops around is discomfort and I hear the water gurgling some where, where he couldn't get it all the way down. Poor guy is thirsty and just can't drink much at once at all. So what I've been doing is this, keeping him in my room at night and parts of the day, put him outside on nicer days, but in a separate part of the yard from the other animals, and just giving him water and then some electrolyte/ probiotic water, and then the normal food and scratch for his age. Plus occasional healthy snacks. He does like to eat. His poop looks normal to me, but seems a bit small for his size. ( he's probably still working on eating more normally, because I can only guess he couldn't get enough food and water where he was at before, with not being able to walk, and being surrounded by other chickens, etc). Unfortunately I cannot take him to a vet. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you!
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    How old is he? Do you have any pictures of how he looks normally? Are his toes curled under? He could possibly have a vitamin deficiency, a slipped tendon, an injury, or Mareks disease. Put some poultry vitamins into his water, in case of a vitamin deficiency. Read the label and make sure that it contains riboflavin. Here is some info on Mareks disease and slipped tendon:

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