Potluck Sign-up for the Washington Party

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    Jan 27, 2009
    This thread is for food sign-up for the planned potluck that is going to be held in Kirkland Washington. By signing-up for a dish or two, we will better able to make sure that we will have a fairly well balanced meal, for when we meet together in February 2010. Maybe those people that are coming from a long distance could be allowed to pick things that don't require a lot of refrigeration, or the needs to be kept hot for a long time. KMHunter has posted the following about the facility that is being rented. "This place in Kirkland has a kitchen, but no stove, Ron and I have microwaves we can bring to warm up things and I have a warming plate we can use too to keep some things hot. I think if everyone brings some of their own paper plates and cutlery we could keep this pretty low key and easy".

    We also will need to remember to bring a serving spoon for each dish we bring to the potluck. Everyone should mark the dish that they bring so that we can make sure that everyone gets their dishes back. Also please mark the serving spoon. I have found that masking tape with your name on it, works well to mark dishes with.

    I will do my best to re-post everyone's menu items here in this top post. I will do my best keep things in categories. This should make things easier to know whether or not we will have fairly even varieties of menu items. This way we won't end up with only just deserts, or just appetizers. We also want make sure too that we have enough drinks. We need to include in the beverages things like soda pop, bottled water, and other types of non-alcoholic beverages. I have one large ice chest that can be used with some ice to keep dr

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