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    Nov 22, 2012
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    I have a most entertaining situation at my house. I have a broody hen 'Big Mama' laying on 8 cute little eggs. They are developing nicely according to a most fun candling. That all is somewhat everyday and normal, tho amazing. What is not normal is our sweet momma has became potty trained. We take her out 2X a day into the yard, where she does her job, then RUNNSSSS back into the garage (we have her a nesting box set up in the nice warm, dry, safe garage) to set on her eggs. Each day we expect her to go in her box, but she waits on us. I don't know if I find that more entertaining, or the way she runs top speed back into the garage when she is done. This is her first hatching, and something tells me she is going to be a wonderful momma. I will post how things progress =)
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    I have heard that they will do this. It is probably so their eggs don't get dirty, as that will affect their hatch rate.
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    [​IMG]Keep us posted!
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