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May 29, 2011
is is possible to determine the breed of these poults this stage.
It would help if you gave more info on where they are from or what the parents look like. The two on the right look like my Blackwinged Bronze. I need a wing picture of the red one to see what colors are there.
It looks like both of your parent birds are carrying a single red gene, so I would guess they were either red bronze or golden narragansett. The two poults on the right also appear to contain a single red gene, and so are also red bronze or golden narrangansett. The poult on the left got one red gene from each parent, and so is a "red" turkey. If the parents were both red bronze, then that poult is a bourbon red. If the parents were narragnasetts, then I don't know what you call it, and I'm not sure what it will look like, but they would breed true
. So what coolrs were the parents?
Have we seen this bird before? I'm getting some strong deja-vu.

It has a standard bronze base with a red gene that makes the secondaries and wing coverts goldish. But the red isn't expressing itself fully in the tan tips of the tail coverts, which makes me think there is a palm or narragansett gene in there. In a pure standard bronze, the bird would look as shown, except that the wing coverts would be dark like the body, and the secondaries would not contrast with the back nearly so much.
haha, yes you have seen that bird before.
Your were helping to identify him

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